Short stories

The Consciousness of Machines – A strange, menacing observer comes to watch Alexa at her work.

The Cave – I have been chained for decades. I do not know why.

Communication Gaps – It’s not easy to transform an Internet relationship into a real one, believe me.

Whales in Mobile Games – An unethical company finds a clever way to get their work done, and Danny the intern gets the short end of the stick.

Inside the NSA – Who would want to watch these watchers?

Gig Life – Gotham, having fired Batman, comes to a more cost-effective solution.

Ghosting – Our relationship, as it was, was defined by gaps.

Gene Editing – The procedure was utterly simple; she couldn’t understand her own reaction to it.

Avatar Love – Balthazar the Slayer of Manticores woos Karolina with feats of strength and awkward small talk.

Algorithmic Echo Chamber – After a fire, all their pets were stolen. Who could have done such a thing, and why won’t Buzzfeed stop writing articles about it?